QuickBooks® Integration

How Does It Work?

We realize that 90% of small businesses – including roofing contractors – use QuickBooks®. That is why we spent the time and effort to give our customers what they wanted: QuickBooks® integration. This was not easy, but we did it! Our integration with QuickBooks® is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Download the AccuLynx/QuickBooks® web-connector onto your bookkeeping Windows based PC.
  2. Go to the newly approved customers in AccuLynx to choose which customers you want to upload into QuickBooks®.
  3. Check off the customers to upload into QuickBooks® and POW! No more double data entry! The same customers from AccuLynx will now appear in QuickBooks®. You gotta love it!

We will also auto-sync your data from AccuLynx into QuickBooks® on a recurring basis. This means your books will always be correct even if you have change orders, supplements or you collect a different amount than estimated. We make it easy with our QuickBooks® web-connector.

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