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Your jobs in one place

Take your jobs out of a binder, milk crate, dashboard, floor boards, and file cabinets. With AccuLynx, all your jobs are in ONE place. Easily accessible. Always organized.

Identify what needs attention!

  • When was the job last touched
  • Job details all on one page
  • Make comments, Assign Tasks, and add jobs to your Watch Lists

Filters & Sorting

Use your job list as a “mini report”.

Filter to show only what you’re interested in.

For example, you can see all jobs that are:
Approved -- Residential -- Repair -- Roofing & Siding -- Assigned to John Smith -- Located in Nashville, TN.

After you’ve filtered your list, sort it!

  • Sort by... Age in Current Status, Job #, Category, Time Since Last Touched, Lead Source, Milestone, Assigned Representative, Trade and more!
  • Order any listing as Ascending or Descending.

Mobile Access

We’ve included the same features as the full desktop version, but optimized for mobile use!

Your Jobs on the Go.

  • While in the field, easily browse through your jobs and take action by pressing large, readable buttons.
  • Easily add comments, tasks, reminder to your jobs from your phone.
  • Faster way to keep up to date on all your jobs

Job Details

A job’s most needed information is included in the details pane. If you need to dig deeper, there are also Quick Links for easy access to more job features.

What’s going on with this job?

  • Contact Information
  • Financials
  • Insurance
  • Tasks
  • Reminders
  • Comments
  • Add to your Watch List


All the mapping features you are accustomed to, but directly viewable from the jobs list page!

Storm Analysis, Nearby Jobs & Street View

  • Map, satellite & street views
  • Nearby jobs with status
  • View details when clicking a circle
  • Storm Analysis

Get Things Done!

The newly designed jobs list gives your company more power to keep productive both in the field and office.

Keep the Ball Rolling!

  • Most common features are located on one page, eliminating the need to track them down!
  • Use filters to create a “snapshot” of production workflows and help eliminate mistakes.
  • Invoice those jobs and get paid!