EagleView™ Integration

How Does It Work?

If you are among the fast growing population of roofers using EagleView™ Measurements, then you will enjoy our easy to use EagleView™ upload control. Our integration with EagleView™ is simple and FAST!

  1. Order your EagleView™ measurement directly from within AccuLynx.
  2. Your EagleView™ report will be delivered seamlessly back into AccuLynx and stored for you in the "Job Files" area.
  3. Your roof report is ready for editing...Now place your collateral material on the EagleView™ diagram (i.e. vents, soil stacks, skylights, satellites, etc.). This is really awesome!
  4. That's it...roof measurement: done!

Now your EagleView™ Measurement is stored with the Customer in AccuLynx...where it belongs. No more looking for files on your PC or laptop; they are integrated right into AccuLynx! Also, now you won't lose all of your data if your laptop gets lost or stolen.

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