Why Choose AccuLynx?

Manage every job, every crew, every aspect of your company better.

Documented Communication

What’s the number one reason most jobs get in trouble? Bad communication. Let AccuLynx help.

  • Eliminate confusion and speed up solutions
  • All conversations are saved in the job’s history, so you can see where and why decisions were made
  • Notify management to hot-button items in real-time
Communicate with your team over various platforms.

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Easy Ordering

Getting materials on site – on time – has never been easier.

  • Know that orders were placed and that deliveries were made
  • It’s all trackable! No more arguing with suppliers or production
  • All orders are saved in the job’s history
Easily ordered items.

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Customized Workflow

You can develop your own repeatable process and the whole team will follow it!

  • No more dropped handoffs and forgotten tasks
  • No more excuses; fewer headaches for you
  • Every step is documented and every next step is visible
Customize your workflow.

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In-the-Field Estimating

Take the guesswork and errors out of this process and make it faster than ever before.

  • Print professional looking estimates with your company logo
  • Calculate the job cost and know your estimated margin prior to giving it to the customer!
In-the-Field Estimating.

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Production/Task Scheduling

Calendar all events and jobs in a simple manner - and they're viewable to your whole team!

  • Visualize what is happening on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Never be caught off-guard again by previously booked crews or material availability
  • Manage your permits so that job operations flow in the most efficient manner
Production/Task Scheduling

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Accurate Reporting

Get a handle on up-to-the-minute sales, accounts receivable, accounts payable, marketing, and profitability data with the click of a mouse.

  • AccuLynx integrates with QuickBooks® for seamless, start-to-finish financial solution for your business.
  • Want to know more about profitability? Watch it as the job unfolds.
  • Want to track total company or individual sales numbers by day/month/week/year? It’s all in there.
Accurate Reporting

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Photos & Documents

Finally! It’s all in one place! And it’s visible by everyone you want it to be, based on the roles you assign!

  • Stores estimates, invoices, POs, job paperwork, photos, permits, videos, PDFs, Microsoft Excel/Word docs … all of the collateral you need for each job.
  • Because it’s stored in the cloud, it’s backed up redundantly. You’ll never lose something important again.
Photos and Documents

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